What is EnlightMe?

All your latest industry news and company knowledge in the AI-curated daily podcasts

EnlightMe is a SaaS solution using AI to convert endless online and internal information into company-specific, digestible podcast episodes accessed through our convenient app

The Problem

Low employee engagement with Corporate Learning - CIPD 2023 Report

Lack of Time

51% of L&D professionals reported it as one of the top three reasons


49% low prioritization by managers

Lack of Resources

41% overstretched L&D dept. required to create more quality content

The Solution

L&D professionals seek a solution that provides shorter relevant and personalized learning

What’s expected from modern learning platforms:


EnlightMe leverages AI to find, filter, and summarize content from News, your company’s learning materials, and our microlearning library

Time-savings & flexibility with EnlightMe

Podcasts are personalized depending on the employee profile

  • Profession development of employees, improving employee retention

Samantha Biotech Researcher is learning:

  • Improve onboarding process

Troy a Junior Developer is learning:

  • Improve knowledge transfer between employees

Sam from Sales is learning:

Podcast creation made easy with EnlightMe Studio

Create 1 month of podcasts in just a couple of hours with the EnlightMe Studio Product, easily managed through Google Sheets


Power sales training with tailored, company-specific podcasts on the latest sales methodologies and internal sales procedures

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Admin Interface

Our Podcast Creation Studio allows you to create and curate your content. Edit and publish episodes, receive feedback, and see who is listening

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