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Turning publications into podcasts with the help of AI


EnlightMe transforms articles and posts into summarized daily podcasts

EnlightMe is a SaaS podcast creation platform that uses AI to convert text content into digestible podcast episodes accessed through a convenient app

EnlightMe leverages AI to find, filter, and summarize content based on user interests, creating personalized podcast episodes

Media companies produce large number of publications and seek to make content more accessible, drive engagement, and reach new audiences and monetization channels

New ways to distribute and monetize content

The challenge is to make content more accessible, engaging, and profitable across a diverse audience

Podcasting opens new opportunities and distribution channels.

However, producing podcasts is out of reach for most companies due to the time, cost, and expertise needed.

How to integrate EnlightMe tech

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EnlightMe Standout Features

ElightMe CMS Interface

Our podcast creation platform allows you to control your content. Edit and publish episodes, receive feedback, and see who is listening

Pricing Model

Provide personalized podcasts to your readers and access revenue streams

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