EnlightMe’s Upcoming MVP to Debut at #WebSummit 2023


At EnlightMe, we understand the challenge that employees face in keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of their professional domains. Our solution is built to tackle this problem at its core, aiming to provide a seamless way for employees to stay informed and aligned with their company’s strategic objectives. We’re thrilled to announce that our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be unveiled at WebSummit 2023.

What Makes EnlightMe Stand Out?

Automated Onboarding via LinkedIn Profile

Our platform minimizes friction during onboarding by allowing users to link their LinkedIn profiles. Once linked, EnlightMe automatically recommends news topics that are tailored to the employee’s job role and industry, ensuring relevance from the get-go.

High-Quality Text-to-Voice

For many professionals, time is of the essence. Our advanced text-to-voice algorithms are designed to offer close-to-natural audio quality, making the listening experience as engaging as possible. This enables employees to consume content during idle times like daily commutes without any compromise in clarity.

Comprehensive Topic Coverage

The breadth of topics available on EnlightMe is one of our key differentiators. Whether you’re in AI, software engineering, fintech, investing, or startups, we’ve got it covered. This ensures that employees from different departments and verticals within the company can benefit from our platform.

Integration of Internal Company Topics

Effective internal communication is essential for any organization. EnlightMe allows the addition of internal company news such as HR announcements, marketing updates, and messages from the CEO. This way, important internal information is not lost in the noise but is instead integrated into the employee’s daily news feed.

Manager-Defined Topics

To further align employees with company objectives, managers have the ability to define several "mandatory listen" topics. These are integrated into the daily podcast lineup and cannot be removed by the employee, ensuring that critical information is not overlooked.

See you at WebSummit 2023

EnlightMe’s upcoming MVP is more than just a podcast platform; it’s a tool engineered to optimize employee engagement, knowledge, and alignment with company goals. By combining a user-friendly interface, personalized content, and managerial oversight, we offer a product that addresses several pain points in today’s corporate environment. Be sure to catch us at WebSummit 2023 for an exclusive preview.